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Thursday, October 1, 2009

Prattville memories on an LPGA weekend

Mary Richardson, Laura's mom, my parents Roy and Dorothy, probably the weekend I was installed a asst. pastor/youth minister.

The LPGA is playing in Prattville AL this weekend. I have really enjoyed the quality and standouts in woman’s golf this year. Many weekends it is more exciting than the other tour.

Prattville holds a very special place in my memory. I bought and placed an engagement ring on my wife the year I lived there. I preached weekly, had three strong youth groups and a very wonderful young adult bible study. We got married and had our first six months of honeymoon there.

It’s a bedroom community about 10 miles north of Montgomery, An old cotton mill town with a river running through it, rolling hills, great farm land, lots of hog production, good fishing and an all around good place to live.

On little claim to fame, was playing golf at the Air Force Base in Montgomery, and spotting Chuck Colson who was serving time there for his political crimes, as the time he was working on the grounds crew of the golf course.

This was a long time ago, 1974-75, and we were beginning our life together and I knew I could cut it in the ministry. People loved us and welcomed us into their homes and hearts. I still have an aluminum heavy duty stew pot that was given me during my bachelor months.

I think I made 600 a month that year, apartment provided, raise a bit when married. I got my first paycheck and bought that engagement ring and realized I had no money to live on the rest of the month. Love is stupid.


Anonymous said...

I remember Prattville--we lived in Huntsville from 1963-1965 in a subdivision called Lily Flagg Acres named for the wife of the man who had a huge cotton field there that backed up to our yard. Love to watch the LPGA--teaches all of us non-Tigers the correct tempo for our swing! Eden

Anonymous said...

Hi, nice to find your blog, I suppose you are Don from PWA?

Don said...

Eden, did not know you lived their, very cool. I do, by the way, love Michale Wie and want her to win.

Susi, Yep, thats me, I have been dropping by your blog from time to time. Enjoyed your vacation pics.