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Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Don't waste your life

I thought that title of one of John Pipers recent books was powerful. We are doing a brief study of Psalms and Proverbs and it reads like an enormous and exciting invitation not to mess up. It reads like a promissory note of a path that leads to joy and fulfillment and yes, wisdom that reaps a harvest.

The way of wisdom sounds so attractive you wonder why her wooing and calling and pleading and promising hit so many deaf ears and hard hearts. It really is love poetry, filled with warnings about the short cuts that seem to be the easy way to get ahead. As I was rereading those first chapters I had a thought of all the hundreds of thousands of people both simple and complex who were introduced the the wisdom tradition of the old testament and simply believed and followed her admonitions with all their heart and mind and strength. I think of Johnathan Edwards youthful resolutions of self discipline he set himself to observe, and fo the biographies of so many missionaries that felt the high calling to carry the message to primitive places.

I think of a boy who dusted off his little used RSV and read those words, and searched for the savior who drew and captured and opened his heart. Like a tree planted beside the waters, his leaf does not wither, he reaped a harvest in season.

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Laura said...

You have had a wonderful life and I have loved spending it with you.