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Friday, October 9, 2009

Like a Moonscape

We enjoyed a 420 mile day with the grand kids today. Sunset Crater erupted 1000 years ago, poured lava over 40 square miles, and ran the Indians out of the area with the permanent change in the environment. NASA used the area to train astronauts for the moon landing. You used to be able to climb to the crater till 30 years ago when they felt too much damage was being done.

After this we traveled further north to Wapatki National Monument to see pueblo ruins where the Navajos and their ancestors kept sheep and farmed with no water supply other than the rain, which caused them to finally abandon the area.

I love day trips, Flagstaff is a hoppin town during the school year, total traffic jam to get through at dinner time. Ben and Shannon are a blast to travel with, total fun.

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