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Monday, October 26, 2009

Each Season plows up a bushel of memories

We are sleeping with the screen door open, that's fall for us. The annual spate of horror movies reminds me how much I detest horror movies. Reformation Day still means more to me than Halloween, but I am not trying to stop anyone from costume parties and innocent fun, and candy. I love the idea that truth can be recovered from a majority opinion sitting on a throne. It gives me hope.

I bemoan the loss of the Thanksgiving Holiday with its replacement by Christmas commercialism. But bemoaning is a bit pompous and stuffy, I just want each month to have its own set of special days. We are not decorators and celebrators anyway so our humble abode looks the same except my recent purchase of icicle lights.

The 46th anniversary of the assassination of JFK is bring out the history documentaries, and I love remembering the early 60s. I forgot how many men still wore hats. I still will wish people would not plot violence to get their way, and I will go to my grave being a peacemaker who dreams of peace. As a mesmerized 13 year old came of age and lost the innocence of youth that tragic weekend in November.

I wept today for a moment, as two situations that elderly people face occurred and reminded me how difficult aging can be, as our bodies betray us, or our minds dim and fail. I had an incident of sensitive feet on the beach last week that reminded me of the progression of my own disease. The grass withers..... and I still love life, and hope for the life to come.

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