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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Keeping it mellow, good old 3195

Twelve years ago I changed my mind about the future. We were being deluged, (pun intended) with teachings about the end of the world being Y2K. Now, lots of things have happened in the last twelve years, but the one that they said was about to happen did not happen and we conveniently forgot about it and went looking for the next thing that was about to happen.

Mellow is the English transliteration of a word that means "about to", and various translations give it the imminent feel it deserves or bury it in a less timely word.

The first century believers, beleaguered by the angry Jews for co opting their savior teaching for this weak man that died, were persecuting the Christians everywhere, and Paul promised that something was "about to" happen that would give them relief. First Century judgment upon the people, the city, the temple occurred just as Jesus said it would, it was right at the door, it was about to happen, and it did.

Look up Strong's 3195 and see if it might change your mind about predictions of doom and more importantly, about who God is in Christ.

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