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Saturday, October 17, 2009

Prisoners for Christ

Pastor's Consor and Tito live and minister near Manila Philippines. She is continuing her deceased husbands ministry and He is an ex-prisoner of the Prison he serves.

He was arrested for being a child of out of favor politicians during the Acuino/Marcos affair in 1974, he was 14 and spent another 16 years in prison as a political prisoner,even being put in solitary for a year before he was 18. Many of the prisoners they served in the maximum and minimum security prison are there unjustly. Many of their families live in tents outside to camp to be near them.
The struggle to live and eat in these countries is ongoing. Pastor Tito has established five churches in and outside the camp is bought some land with an inheritance to start a talapia fish business for his congregation to help them eat and thrive. God's heart is for the world, and so should our's be.

The government does not function as it should, professional wages for college graduates is about 400 dollars a month. One of his sons who trained for medical service can make more on the phones serving United States phone centers.

The dedication of these permanent prisoners for Christ is remarkable. They have friends in our church who are hosting their brief sabbatical for rest and making contact with other ministries and friends. He hopes his two sons can work here, as many Filipino's do to support families back home, but our economic problems have closed immigration through 2010. English is the second language for almost all Filipino's. Laura and I are thinking about visiting those islands to experience the mission field.

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