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Sunday, October 11, 2009

The passing of an era of Lego masterpieces

This is a convenience store built with character by a Pastor and his wife near Vicksburg Ms. It is adorned with about everything they could use plus lots of bible wisdom. The Pastors wife died after decades of minding store. You just do not see things like this in Gilbert,Mesa, Tempe, Sun Lakes.

We began buying Lego's when our children were young. On a budget a Lego set is an investment. I remember Pirate Legos and various Space Lego's. Eventually they ended up on one huge plastic container. I loved those huge square green boards that provide the foundation for a child's dreams.

Brian, our super artistic son, though each of our kids has the gift, was always building towns and ships and complicated things that were works of art. I used to take pictures of his more exotic creations.

Yesterday the box left our possession and entered into the full time lives of our two grand children. God bless those second generation Lego's as they give the satisfying click of connection to our two precious grand children.

The pieces of our lives are not so easy to build into something beautiful. I have been spending some time thinking about the 20 years that have piled up since I quit whistling Dixie. I had such dreams of building something lasting. It looks more now like I got nothing I wanted and pretty much everything I needed. Lets hope I can keep adorning the building for a while before I get put back into the box.

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