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Sunday, October 18, 2009

Odds and Ends to begin a new week

Random Thoughts:
I am using a Verizon Wireless device to board the web. It is very helpful if you use several different computers or have several users. We now can do emailing at high speed at the office, and Laura and I swap it to check our mail and for her educational programs, connection to her school computer, etc.

It was all working well until I felt confident that the limit of data usage was not easy to surpass, and this month, without really thinking about it, I surpassed it……big time. Turned out my enjoyment of Youtubes that friends recommend, music downloading, and picture browsing are data hogs, and I got kicked in the teeth for my joy of Flickr photo browsing. My idea is that the more you observe good photography the more you will develop your eye. So know I am checking usage after each session.

The flying saucer incident has renewed y commitment not to waste one minute watching these reality TV shows. Give me the day when you had to be an actor or actress and have a plot or comedy to command an hour of TV time.

In church today we reflected on Psalm 150, the musically involved, praising believer. Pleasing, music is a personal taste, but when it pleases and praises you receive the vibrating sounds of God’s love and comfort. When I lose my abilities to move around, I hope I will still be surrounded by the sounds of music, all kinds.
Today I listened to the rest of Ray LaMontaynes folksy album called Trouble. We had fun today listening to the part about trouble, trouble, trouble, worry, worry, worry.

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