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Sunday, August 2, 2009

Makes me love everybody, makes me love everybody

Part of the chorus to "Gimme that ole time religion". When I know I have represented the Good and Beautiful God who has spoken in Christ I feel a deep sense of peace and joy and yes, love toward people.

During my evening walk over by the office I saw a Father and Son fishing at Lake #7.
This cute boy in a wheelchair is apparently the PinBall Wizard of fishing. He catches them when no one else can.

It was one of those magical sunsets as well, and the God who created this world and the God who is redeeming and restoring humanity waw dwelling in my heart....Makes me love everybody. I am no Pollyanna, I know how full of darkness the hearts of men can be and how desparate the condition of many places in the world, but for an hour I walked with Him and I talked with Him, fellowship with God.

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