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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Downed Tree, Heat Exhaustion

I love pulling off the road and checking out the photo ops. Saw this downed tree and attempted to compose something interesting. Pine tree country contains many casualties of drought, fire, bugs, old age. Slowly it continues to fall apart and is consumed by the forest.

Today Larry and I played golf in 109 and very muggy. Heat exhaustion is an odd phenomenon. The heat and humidity stop your bodies normal ways of cooling down, so your heart begins to beat faster, pulse rising, and oddly your blood pressure first raised and then drops dangerously, leaving you faint and on occasion susceptible to further health issues. Today my pulse reached 100, Larry's 130.....we quit after nine and went home. That's probably it for afternoon golf until September, we are nuts but not crazy. I carry a wrist BP cuff, a good thing for a heart attack survivor to carry, and....I stroked in a ten footer to take a one stroke victory into the weekend of the last major PGA tournament of the year.

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