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Thursday, August 13, 2009

Flickr's of real life confrontation

Since my return to photography as a hobby I have come to enjoy the large photo collection blogs. I keep my own on Google, but I really enjoy Flickr. They make it very easy to share photos with family, and to share skills with other interested hobbyists, as well as learning from professionals.

From time to time I am impacted in a negative way. I was looking at an evangelistic confrontation at Ole Miss University. The evangelists were black, wearing suits and holding bibles as they preached. The looks on the students faces at they mocked the preaching was so dismissive and hateful. Others were just onlookers that would gather in any on campus event of interest. Some had brought signs to protest the preachers.

One sign said, God is love. This to counter the signs held by the supporters of the street preachers, which were very harshly worded threats about Hell and the Lake of Fire.

I wondered if any souls were saved that day in Mississippi by that rather ugly confrontation? I wonder if our Lord's confrontations with the Pharisees were meant to be our model for evangelism? I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that this was not the model of the Apostle Paul. I know from personal history that someone in those dorms would more effective in reaching those kids than the group that came on campus to rescue them from a burning hell using threats and waving bibles.

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Anonymous said...

Over the last 9 mos, Steve had been on a mission to find a plaque or momento of some type, anything really that says "God loves you". Nothing of the sort exists at a Christian bookstore, so far. Maybe hs could try a head shop for such flowery language?