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Monday, August 24, 2009

Thoughtless day, health maintenance

I love my Kia Minivan. Not trying to gloat, just very thankful I found a great car to drive and a great deal on said vehicle, a private enterprise deal. My dream of taking a complete two family vacation will be a reality after Christmas.

I had a Doctor's Appt.today. It brought the whole health care issue to an otherwise not very eventful day. Our group health plan suggested strongly we go to a health savings plan. We are paying more for perscriptions, less monthly premiums... I quess to provide a bigger benifit for serious issues. It has caused me to quit taking one medicine and to seek a less expensive alternate for another.

I battle a life long problem with high blood pressure, and a ten year involvement with type 2 Diabetes with two heart incidents. I accept these issues as part of my life, take the medicines, watch the numbers, eat well and exercise, and enjoy a really normal life. It means I am an expensive risk. Blood tests, stress tests, always the possibility of another heart attack. I would not enjoy being considered to old for such treatments. I know costs and services need to be reformed. I am trying to listen to both sides of this debate.

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