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Saturday, August 8, 2009

Thanks Kia for a C for K P. E. V

Kia is offering deals to those who did not qualify for the gov'ment money. I call it Cash for Klunkers Private Enterprise Version, and I much prefer it, so thanks to the folks who gave me a car to drive and for an end to the nightmare of losing my car to an accident. I now barely own a Sun Lakes Cadillac, a Grandpa takes the kids to Disneyland Kia Sedona, seven passenger's and lets go vehicle. I am grateful for being able to drive a newer, safer, roomier car.

In 35 years of marriage this is the 2nd car I have purchased new. My third Minivan, first foreign made car, and I have nothing at all against South Korea, these are well made cars. We tried one one our Beach trip and it was great. It feels kind of good helping the economy again. I hope and pray me and this vehicle make it safely to my retirement age of 66, and that I am having so much fun and being used of the Lord enough to keep on serving.


Melissa said...

Cool Car! Can't wait to borrow it...haha. : )

Don Hendricks said...

You scratch it you fix it!

Anonymous said...

Congrats on your new ride! Nice wheels.

Remember when Steve bought his "new" Mini-van? The love mobile. :) 5 kids and alot of love later....we have a Toyota Sienna mini-van.