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Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Ken Ham or Hugh Ross

In the 30 years over which my generation has led the spiritual health of the church these two men have more or less represented the two poles of thought in answering the claims of Darwinian Theory. Hugh ably defending the age/day theory and Ken the Young Earth Theory. When I was with the home and christian school folks we listened to Ken debunk the claims of evolution. At the office yesterday as I was preparing to teach I received his latest book warning of the loss of our youth from church, and urging us to return to true bible preaching.

Dinosaurs on the ark seem a bit odd to most of us, but at the heart of the issue and the logical reason Ken must bunch all this into the last 8 thousand years is the issue of biological death. If there was death and meat eaters wandering around the planet before God was ready to put Adam and Eve in the garden, then the theology of death as the curse for sin gets all out of wack. This will be my subject for week 2 of our study. Was good old T rex a vegatarian? Did Jesus ride him? Sheesh?

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Anonymous said...

You know Jesus is the Son of God because he has such an Epic Mount.
-- World of Warcraft joke about that picture