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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Rescue Mission Ministry

Each month we pack sack lunches for the Hope Coach to distribute with lots of bottled water each day in the homeless areas of downtown Pheonix. We delivered 25 cases of water, and 118 lunches yesterday. The gentleman in the photo is the official gatekeeper. I love his ZZtop beard. I have been trying to get a closeup but he clearly does not enjoy being stared at and will not make eye contact with you.

The day to day running of the Center is accomplished by a handful of employees, couselors, and staff and cooks, and many residents who earn their keep during their training and discipleship time by keeping things moved and stocked. The giving comes for all over, and includes many athletes. The Karsten Ping Family has been deeply committed to the Pheonix Rescue Mission during thier successful club making career.

I wander what story my silent bearded friend would share if he could? I really love the peanut butter assembly time, our volunteers are so precious.

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Anonymous said...

Great to see a good sized crew there to help during the summer months. I too have often wondered about the bearded gate-keeper! Eden