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Monday, August 3, 2009

Seeing Nature

Tomorrow evening a small group will gather to think about the relationship of the Triune God, the earth, the universe, and our faith. Alistair McGrath says, "the Christian mind does not passively receive impressions of nature, but actively interprets it. The process of observation, whether scientific or religious, involves trying to match what is observed with what is believed, and making any necessary adjustments.

I am hoping to discuss a healthy view of this life, a legitimate enjoyment of our physical existence, and issues related to the creation/evolution debate, to the age of the earth debate between evangelicals and its relation to how we read scripture and how this debate is affecting our witness. Interesting that this discussion goes all the way back to St. Augustine.

Bottom line, what we discover about creation and the universe is what God already knows, and if we discover we were wrong about a certain fact, as the church was wrong about the solar system hundreds of years ago, we will in fact harm our witness. Yet at the same time, because we have faith and revelation, every scientist in the world who might tell us that no one rises from the dead, will not move us from affirming what we believe to be essential to our understanding of God, and of the ages to come. I hope I can bring my heart and my studies together is a way that gives understanding and brings truth to those who choose to spend an hour searching these things.


Anonymous said...

Sounds intriguing. Wish we could be there. Let us know how it goes.


Anonymous said...

would love it if you record it with one of your treasure-trove of electronic gizmos! Eden