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Tuesday, June 2, 2009

A Road Trip in College

Watching "UP" brought back a great memory. In college I was road tripped with six other guys as part of a club initiation. Awakened at midnight, searched for hidden quarters, dumped beside a country road two hours from school, left to our own resources to figure out how to get home.

Mike had a bad leg and had hidden quarters in the cane tip. He jumped into a barbed wire fence when the first car passed and we did not want to spook them and sent everyone into the ditch. We nursed him and began walking and thinking our way home.

We walked and laughed and tried to figure out where we were. Near dawn we walked into Port Gibson, Mississippi and saw the above steeple. Its the pointing finger steeple of the Presbyterian Church. I really believe God helped us that weekend and the shared trial made us close brothers in the fraternity, and whenever I am lost, the first thing I do is......look up.

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