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Friday, June 5, 2009

Dads don't let your daughters grow up to be cat lovers

The above title is a play on a country song, I think. It allows me to share what I did on my Friday off and to thank the Lord for allowing my wife to be blessed with some new furniture.

6am-8am Fellowship with Jim and his son

8:30 Norwood Furniture delivers two chairs, a couch and an ottoman. Our 20 plus year old furniture is cat scratched beyond repair. I never had to heart to have them declawed and we paid a price. Plans are being made to combat the problem....I will keep you informed, any advice appreciated short of throwing a bag of cats into the lake.

10-2 Golf, wrestling with continuing swing problem but fun was had and wind and overcast kept it cool.

3-5 Watching my golf buddy Jack the painter work on turning our front door Ruby red to finish the exterior paint job we did last year. Ruby Red looks too pink for my taste. pics to follow.

6 pm A wedding rehearsal for a lovely young couple and their friends from the Globe Miami area of Arizona. Those Arizona mining towns are historic and fun to visit.

8 PM The Phoenix Symphony has taken a 17% pay cut for three years...sad, and they wowed the crowd with songs from the OO7 Movies. They had a Bond impersonator do a piece using cell phone tunes, a cellphonist..! It was fun and Brian, our son visiting from NYC got to be with us.

Another great day in paradise.

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