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Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Chachskie Clarity

My lovely wife and I enjoy using the word Chachskie. It is defined as a small tricket or toy or gadget that brings joy. We have noticed how people enjoy putting statues in their yards in retirement communities. Well, we found Chachskie heaven in Gila Bend on our trip last week.

These are also the first pictures I took with my new Canon 50mm 1.8 Fixed lense. For non hobbyists the 50 mm lensed was pretty much the standand lense on 35 mm cameras. Now with the new digital systems it becomes 80 mm, like a small portrait lens. But this lense has the reputation for producing real sharp images, which everyperson smart or dumb enough to spend a thousand bucks for a camera desires.

So, what better subject for color and sharpness than sleeping pigs and Jesus on the Cross???? By the by, I read a review of a recent book that contends that the crucifix, ie. Christ suffering on the cross, did not exist in Christian art until 1000 AD....the implication was that the first millenial church followed a risen Christ and celebrated an empty tomb, as should we. Anyway, enjoy the photos.

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