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Thursday, June 4, 2009


When Christ called us to be together to worship, learn and serve, every Christian develops a passion for the church. How shall she function, what are her marks?

Why does my church not look and feel like the vision of Christ and the New Testament?
As a child of a five hundred year old reformation I have been immersed all my life in thinking about and attempting to lead in the church.

I believe along with many others, that we are in the early stages of a new reformation. Thoughtful younger people are wondering, hoping and experimenting with old and new models of doing ministry in a body.

Last evening a few men gathered to ask my advise and to share a hope of a more missional type of fellowship. Not sitting and soaking and being entertained, but learning to follow while helping real people with real needs, the elderly, the poor, the young caught in confusion and addiction. It was inspiring and different than what I am sure took place under those beautiful steepled sanctuaries of my upbringing. It's a return to people sitting across from each other and in circles, and a conscious walking away from pews all facing the professional speaker....now, I am one of those, and I am ready to applaud all those efforts to recover the methods and manners of Christ in a way that will reach this and the next generation.

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Dixie said...

Have you heard of the book "The Great Emergence" by Phyllis Tickle? It's all about the church's 500 year cycle of change. Marc heard her speak in Chicago and read the book. I haven't read it yet.

I also just ordered "The Hole in Our Gospel" by Richard Stearns and will read it asap, speaking of helping the poor.

So much to read...