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Monday, June 1, 2009

Countdown to time away

I remember when we were a young family the only vacation that would fit in our budget was the Grandparents. Laura's mom had a large home on the gulf coast which became our base for relaxing, going to the beach, playing golf. They were good times. My parents retired in a manufactured home on a High School campus where they served as part of the security team in return for free utilities. This enabled me to use the practice ball field to bang golf balls around, and we loved all the beauty of Pensacola Florida.

With the passing of our parents and the emptying of our nest our vacations over the last ten years have changed. We are spending a week in San Clemente Ca and San Diego. San Clemente is a lovely beach town, with well maintained beaches, a charming pier where many gather to watch the sunset each evening. At the end of the week we are going the San Diego Zoo and the Harbor Area, always fun. If you have never spent a few hours at Seaport Village you have missed a treat.

Before that I return to the south to a Southern City I have never visited. Little Rock Ark, for my second Transmillenial conference. I am looking forward to time away. I look forward to more photo hunting, a very enjoyable hobby.

My time share company has been of no help in any of this. Liar lair pants on fire.

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Anonymous said...

We are in siouxcenter Ia. The travels have been beautiful and inspiring! Taking a lot of back country highways. Enjoying family along the way. enjoyed the blog. God Bless, Al & Freddy. The iphone works fine, just a few blank spots on occasion in the country!