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Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Pixar Magic

I had to sneak off to see this one. As a pastor to seniors any movie with a 78 year old star is important. Having read a positive review in Christianity today I knew what I was about to see but needed to see it for myself. Like all Pixar movies it had lots of speed and action and heroics and a bad guy, and funny characters.

I loved the softness of the artwork this time, there was no attempt to make these characters look really human, the angular jaw of the old curmudgeon served to accentuation the stiffness and intractability of old age.

It was the theme that drew me. Life is full of disappointments, and unrealized dreams, but in the end, the real adventure, the real dream is human love and relationships. I was not dissapointed.

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Anonymous said...

Don, I love reading all you blogs. It is like having 10 sermons all at once! Just kidding. They really make me think and bless me! is the Skinny Cow really working????? I'll get some!