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Thursday, June 11, 2009

Little Rock is Nice

Once a year I attend a study or learning conference. Indian Hills Church is hosting the 21st Annual Presence Conference this year. Over ten years ago as a result of the Y2K hoopla I studied and changed my views of the end times. I have been greatly blessed by fulfilled or covenant eschatology. Presence has been studying these things longer than I and I am challenged by the teaching and conversation here.

Little Rock is a nice sized town with the Arkansas River defining the city and some nice hills and trees unlike my new home in the desert, and sweet southern women with the gift of hospitality making the out of town guests feel comfortable. I enjoy driving around and learning how to find things I need in a strange city.

I reconnected with my best high school friend who lives in Pine Bluff. We played basketball together and drove past the homes of those girls we were hoping would pay attention to us as we fished and played our way through high school. He has become a successful banker overseeing the trusts and assets of his bank. True friends are friends forever, we picked up where we left off and shared our lives. It was good.

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