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Monday, June 15, 2009

Bumps in the Traveling road

I have my first airport disaster story, along with thousands of others. The weather around the south caused many canceled flights in Denver Int. Airport. United was to pick me up at 8 and home by 10 last night. Instead we departed at 3 am and I was home at 5:30, with a short nap before a 400 mile drive to San Clemente we we are tonight. Sunday it was 90 and humid and sticky in Little Rock, At noon today we were in Yuma, 105 and dry hot, and on the beach 65 and cloudy and cold.

I bought the relatively inexpensive but highly touted Canon 50 MM 1.8 Lens and tonights is the first picture with this new lens. The sharpness and color saturation are stunning, double click for a view of one of our favorite places, the Pier in down town San Clemente, CA.

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