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Thursday, February 5, 2009

A visit to the Lanes

My father loved bowling. I have memories of hanging around the Lanes when I was a kid, searching under the lockers and in the machines for coins. The atmosphere of a Bowling Alley brings back those memories.

As a Youth Director, a night of Bowling was always standard fare. I used to buy cokes for the kids that could beat me. It was always a safe bet. It is really hard to get good unless you bowl regularly. So today I was beaten soundly by Senior citizens who bowl regularly. One of my new friends had a 246. I started with a 131 and went down each game. I don't feel the same passion and joy as I do with golf, so this will remain an occasional hobby.

Here is a snap of me cleaning up a spare. If you invite me I will go bowling. It was fun.

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