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Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Missed Opportunites

Lately I have not taken some opportunities to leave my normal routine and do something different. It has been a life long tendency. I had a roomate in college who was always cooking up ideas and going places and I was always hanging back. He was good for me in his grab for the gusto approach. I tend to settle into a chair and read a book.

Over the weekend some of the finest Native American Flute artists gathered at Casa Grand Monument. Scott August, Carlos Nikai etc. It was cool but sunny, it would have been delightful to take pictures, enjoy the instrument that reintroduced me to the sound of wind. But.....I dawdled and end up on my butt. And I feel sad for that.

Irony, or course, is that my college roomate left this earth very early, at 26, but with a zest for life that filled his short time with memories. Anyway, we are building trip anticipation for our annual trip to Disneyland and California Adventure early next month. With two grandkids we will walk through those gates and become four kids together. Its magic.

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