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Friday, February 27, 2009

200 posts today

The Campus in this picture was my place of ministry for seven years. We made enourmous improvements while I was there. and raised the money to have their first New Building on the property. Seven years later I see our vision improved, more paving and an actual addition on the orginal new structure. I was trying to decide how to feel about this church thriving after I left. I could feel proud that I had played a role in the movement of God in this place. My friend who is a bit worn out on the organization church says church buildings are all pretty much driven by the flesh.

What survives in my memory is the fun we had reaching our goals, and making do with what we had while we planned and saved for more space. I remember quiet, peaceful country days, a real hitching post for horses riding to church, pig roasts, volleyball and softball games. I am grateful for those seven years.

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