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Sunday, February 8, 2009

Bad Times and the struggle of unemployment

God has been gracious to us. The Churches I served enabled us to raise a family, eventually own a series of three homes, gaining some modest equity, and start a nest egg for retirement. But, the periods of unemployment, underemployment, multiple employments were so full of tension, struggle, and uncertainty that they dig a furrow that leaves scars that still hurt. The thought of going that way again truly paralyzes my sweet trusting and hardworking wife.

I am so deeply affected to see families that have had to retrain, to downsize, to suffer sometimes for the failures of others in their field. Even worse is to see people who trusted others with retirement funds only to be defrauded by greed and lies.

In your wrath O Lord, remember mercy. Hear the prayers of hurting people, and raise our consciousness of poverty and struggling economies all over the world.

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