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Thursday, February 12, 2009

Goodbye #30

It's a long sad story of a root canal that started hurting, a second root canal that must have cracked the root, and a couple more years of flare ups and periods of ignoring the problem.

Tommorrow I am having Oral Surgery to remove the tooth, good old #30 bottom right, a major cruncher of steak and the masticator of many healthy foods and many less than healthy ones. Then they rebuild the bone line and prepare for my first dental implant....all of which will make a significant contribution to the dental economy.

I may not feel like posting for a day or two, and I have a guest preacher coming, so, see you on the flip side of this.

My picture today is about why we need good teeth.....good food. This is my favorite lunch at a Chinese place near the hospital where most of my folks get treated. Chicken with vegatables. It is very hot, very crisp and fresh veggies, and a delicious sauce.