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Thursday, February 19, 2009

Things that don't line up

Four pictures in the hometown paper. I knew one couple. Wealthy and generous, a part of my cities leaders. I had watched them grow up at church, about ten years younger than I. The other couple, also dedicated Christians, not raised in wealth, it took him over a decade to work enough to finish medical school, he had not seen his fiance since Christmas, she too was finishing her residency as they anticipated marriage, a joint medical practice, and happiness and service, both mid 30s.

In a fraction of a second couple #1 crossed a lane and hit couple #2, both cars hit a fence and one car exploded in flame, killing our young doctor and his fiance at the scene. Couple #1 recovering. Some questions about the drivers control or speeding or drinking yet unsolved, and for me, just another question I cannot answer about why that particular couple, who so long had delayed there dreams to accomplish a worthy career goal, are gone, forever, completely innocent of anything except being on that road at that instant. Two families devastated.

I do not know what kind of answer I am looking for. It just stuns me, when so many little things happen to assure us of God's love and presence, why, why, why them?

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Scrapnqueen said...

I, too, have had hard questions like this in my life. You're right--there are no easy answers.

My prayers are with you and your community.