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Monday, February 23, 2009

Talkin to myself

Here is what I think I wrestle with in this crazy existence. I am probably not alone in this. I want a combination of justice, and fairness in life's accidents. If someone is going to die young, please make it the child abuser or the Fidel Castro, not the Christian doctors or JFK.

If you heard me preach, you would find the theme of justice quite often. because I belief God is just, and that justice is important, and not even something to be feared. I also believe that God's justice is heavily tinged with new covenant mercy. ie. he forgives, he does not hold our sin against us. But there is this thing within me that also hopes for fairness, you know, the good rewarded and the bad punished. Now God agrees with me generally on this, but insists that I wait patiently for this to happen in another age, while now, the whole stew looks pretty messy.

This is why I have developed a fail safe doctrine, hinted at in scripture under the under examined idea of "the restoration of all things". I won't go into it, but I believe that those unjustly robbed of life, like aborted babies, crime victims, accident victims, handicapped, etc. will be given a better life in ages to come, and I mean a life with beauty, music, and ice cream, and of course love, unhindered. Don, thanks for talkin to yourself today, I feel better.

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