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Monday, November 10, 2008

Wetbacks and Dutchmen, Oh NO!

During those precious college years I traveled to South Texas to pick up a friend and return to school. During the weekend I heard a number of disparging remarks about Mexicans, and I realized that racism was a regional issue, not just an issue in the south. So, you have a majority race who is bothered by another race for economic or border and migration issues, or language or physical differences, and you despise and belittle them for sport and to build your own sense of dominance. It's a game we should not be playing.

The next stage of this personal walk through my experience with race was in Seminary, where we had Asians, Phillipinos, Africans, and strangest of all, a large group of Dutch Americans from Souix City, Iowa, who followed a beloved professor to the deep south. Once again our commitment to Christ brought harmony in our learning process, but our cultural differences were interesting. The Koreans were awesome ping pong players, but they thought the presence of pool tables was a scandal. No christian should play that game. Some were concerned with the American practice of coffee drinking, and of course the dutch, paled skinned, and of the opinion that if you ain't dutch, you ain't much. They were very clannish at first but blended fairly well with the rest of us Calvinists after a bit.

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