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Saturday, November 1, 2008

Election week is finally here

You know that commercial where everone is going to work with their number under their arm? It's supposed to represent people's retirement goals, or their actual dollars saved so far??? I am not sure which. I would be embarrassed to carry mine around publicly. But with it's recent bashing I am left curiously numb about the results of this election. When your retirement funds dissapear in a month, you begin to feel that no election can damage your future as much as this financial perfect storm.

I resent the fear mongering about the future some Christian leaders are doing. The more our culture abandons traditional values, the more important it will be for me to hold on to my faith and values. I voted pro-life and pro-strong defense. After watching the documentary Obession, Radical Islams hatred of the West, I agreed with Charles Krauthammer, who said, "the economy goes up and down, but we have a barbarian at the gate that needs to be resisted".

If my candidate loses, I will pray for and support the elected president. Really, I will, from my heart, and I will fight for the things I believe in by living and teaching them.


Anonymous said...

Amen Pastor Don......Pro Life and Pro Defense....
And the promise to continue to pray for and support the new President, whoever... You are a true encouragment.....and just what I would expect from you...Thank you!

jack the painter said...

Choose for yourselves this day whom you will serve . . . . But as for me and my house, we will serve the Lord. --Joshua 24:15

Everyone serves some kind of god. Whom will we choose to have rule in our hearts today?

Thy will I choose; I give to Thee
All of the life Thou gavest me;
Thy will I choose, no life I ask
Except to do Thy given task. --Anon.