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Saturday, November 15, 2008

2008 is slip, sliding away

When you are born on a decade year, in my case 1950, you can gage your aging quit accurately, Born on July 13, about half the year I am younger than the year and the last half I am the same age as the year, plus 50 that is. Trust me, it helps when one tries to remember one's age.

Though some things seemed interminable, like the election campaign, the year itself seemed to zip by. Now that we have two stations running 24 hour Christmas music I will have to go through this season inundated with seasonal silliness, though very little about the present crisis makes me want to dream about what toys I want. ie. the only difference between the men and the boys is the size of their toys.

Someone I respect mentioned that we spend most of our time remembering the past and talking about it, and we should spend more time thinking for and preparing for the future. I have been trying that on for size and it fits, though living in the moment has been a greater need for me.

I have decided to preach pastorally for this last seven Sundays No financial worry issues, no political fallout issues, just reminders of God's pastoral goodness, His care, His faithfulness, mostly from 2 Timothy. Paul' letters to Timothy have taken on a deeper meaning to me in recent years, as the church is beginning to pass into younger leaders hands. I have watched a lot of people die in my six years in a senior community. It certainly helps me to appreciate health, while I know that I am in a collapsable tent.


Carmen Andres said...

". . . just reminders of God's pastoral goodness, His care, His faithfulness . . ."

don, i can't think of a more excellent thing to spend time on. seriously, i think we don't spend mear enough time doing this. in fact, i think we should spend a heck of a lot more time doing this. how can we live a life of walking with him if we don't know who he is and what he can do? blessings upon you!!

Don Hendricks said...

Thank you Carmen