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Tuesday, November 4, 2008

The Blessing and pain of Hospice

Another sweet Saint nears the Kingdom as I write. Cinderella (yep, her real name) is dying in the 97th year of life. I sat with her in Hospice today where every effort to keep her comfortable during the dying process is being made.

I prayed and spoke to her and thanked her for all the love she has lavished on our church and community, and then I asked God to take her. This is never a prayer God answers on my terms, and I think and often share that the heart and lungs are organs that function without our permission and are not turned off or on at will. There strength that got her to this age is the strength that makes her final breathes hard to predict or hasten.

Her family has been so loving and supportive. It is not always an easy thing to be present when someone is nearing the end of life. .

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