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Thursday, November 13, 2008

And then they go home.....

Having a couple of young grandchildren is something very special. I have friends who have been overwhelmed with the sheer numbers of grand kids, but with just two you can focus and enjoy.

Shannon spent Friday Evening Thru Monday Morning with us. They had a school festival, we capped Friday with a performance of the Chandler Syphony Orchestra, and a Pancake Fundraiser after church and Pizza at night. Ben came Sunday for Church and most of the afternoon. We talk, we play, we watch movies, they root through our knicknack drawer and beg to take the games and toys we keep here home, which we discourage. Shannon and I have a huge collection of magnetic rocks that entertain us all the time. Magnetism is to me a great mystery and visible proof of the power of unseen forces. Sticky Rocks.....highly creative collectables.

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