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Friday, November 21, 2008

Judgment and Grace

Once the idea of first century fulfillment of many of the judgment passages began to resonate I further quetioned this idea so prominent in western Christianity, that God is very angry and Jesus is returning to settle scores. Gradually my studies expanded into a quest for a deeper or fresher or clearer understanding of who God is and what exactly is this good news Jesus brought.

The great thing about subject studies is that you go from one book to another or one article to another as people recommend studies or books to read. You feel that you are being led from one stepping stone to another. The retribution passages fit into the transition between old and new covenants, which as Hebrews says "is growing old and about to pass away" ie, still in effect during the writing and living of that firt generation of believers. I began to see just how complete our salvation is and how gracious and loving God is. The deep studies were changing me from the inside out.

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