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Thursday, November 20, 2008

Its the end of the world as we know it

Ok, I did like the tone of my last comment because the purpose of this is not to convince you to change your view, but more to explain the joy of being consumed by the challenge of testing what you believe. If the end result is just to be less dogmatic and more cautious in areas where confusion and controversy can hinder fellowship.

My pain comes from the reality that a good many families decided not to stay through the building program as a result of my questioning this impending date and the theology upon which it stands. I will try not to bore the reader with rehearsing that.

Q. What's wrong with you Don, don't you want to go be with Jesus? A. Yes, at the end of a long useful and joyful life, Lord willing. Q. Does'nt the Bible tell us to say Maranatha? A. Yes, and in Hebrews the author promises that this rescue will come very shortly, in just a little while, to releave the first century church from Jewish persecution. Jesus said it would occure before all the apostles had died. Matthew 16:28

So, for the next three years I studied different forms of fulfilled or covenant eschatology, in both the forms that continue to believe the world will end in its present form and those who do not. It was deeply satisfying to a searching mind. It forced me to question the kind of western "wooden" literalism that produced the rapture views, and so many ideas and passages in the bible made for sense.

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