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Thursday, May 21, 2015

Weekend with Kitty

Early days in my first ministry fishing became a major joy and day off stress reliever.

Big Kitty has an incurable disease of feline aging called hypo-thyroid disease. It is pretty grave and so we are going to enjoy her this weekend and let her go as she is not eating and showing signs of discomfort. Like many blessings in life I cannot tell you what fun we have had with Big Kitty oveer her long fifteen years in our home. She is a lap cat, and nose kissing cat, a routine loving cat. Each morning she goes from my legs to Lauras and sits and purrs.

We love her too much to watch her suffer, so we will enjoy her presence this weekend and put her gently down on Tuesday. We are trying to get our hearts ready for an empty house.

1 comment:

Bebe said...

Awwww......You are doing the right thing even though it hurts SO much! These four legged furry friends of ours are "family".......Thinking of you Don