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Friday, May 29, 2015

Ooh blah dee ooh blah dah life goes on

Almost a year since our wonderful vacation in Manhattan.

I cannot tell a fib, I am getting close to my next birthday which is the big traditional transition date, the big 65. Of course the decision to retire is very personal and for us will almost certainly be postponed. I am nevertheless thinking about transitions in the things that I hope to accomplish and experience and change one day if I am granted more years of health and life.

I am thinking quietly about different things on the plate of the future, but mostly just thankful to have learning and experienced so much wonderful life in my life.

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KC Bob said...

I retired from Ma Bell when I was 49. Retired from pastoral ministry when I was 59. I turned 66 a few weeks ago.

My advice is keep working if you really love what you do.