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Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Kitty is failing to thrive

I was never a cat person, but my son in laws family was and somehow we ended up with an Orange Tabby who had a litter from which we chose a cuddly male furball and his sister. We lost sister three years ago and Big Kitty as we call him has been a constant joy, morning and evening and anytime we need therapy for 15 years. He has lost his appetite and is losing weight and we are preparing for results from a blood test.

Before we moved to Sun Lakes Kitty dissapeared for four days and we thought he was gone, only to have him show up missing 2 plus inches of his tail. He never told us what happened. His other claim to fame is that he has the extra toes on the front legs which make him look like he is wearing mittens, which was my original name until dissagreements and his huge size led us to call him Big Kitty.

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