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Thursday, May 7, 2015

Super Hero Faith

Made reservations for a June getaway to San Clemente CA, a favorite place. Been two years since we have visited.

Here he comes to save the day. Touching story of the movie maker Joss Whedon placing so much Christian symbolism and faith and hope in his latest Avengers Blockbuster in spite of the fact that he is an atheist. In the story his non belief stems to a harrowing time when he was beaten as a teen on the streets of NY and no one helped. This traumatic incident led to his eventual lack of belief in a deity....and in the kindness of strangers, I would think.

So in our age of disbelief we are falling in love with super heroes again, and it makes sense to me. We need to be saved, and want someone strong to do it. We want strength to do justice and to avenge wrongs, but we want integrity and altruism in our saviors.

All makes sense to me, and I will enjoy the movie, and my faith in an avenger who is also merciful.

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