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Monday, May 25, 2015

1964 and 1969 on my mind

The was a Worlds Fair Shot

My family left New York State for Alabama in 1961, a real culture shock, and went back to visit the New York Worlds Fair in the summer of 64 which was the setting for the scene from Tomorrowland, of Its a Small World, which was the Unicef contribution to that expo. I still remember the 14 year old me trying to hurry my family up, which is what I still do in parks. Laura and her Mom were there that same summer and we wonder if my 14 year old self may have passed her 11 year old self on a walkway somewhere.

I still remember the NY State pavilion with its two tiered platform way up high, and the shock of seeing its rotting rusting hull last summer when we drove from JFK to Manhattan.

Then this morning I saw that the couple huddling under a wet blanket for the album version of Woodstock are still together after 46 years. Wow, and in my mind how much our world changed from 64 to 68 as Vietnam soured the nation and its youth and the election riots showed what would be the beginning of cultural divisions in our modern world that rage today.

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