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Sunday, May 10, 2015

Jude the Angry Dude

The most artistic skyscraper lines ever in NYC.

First time in my teaching career dealing for a month on the evils in our modern world I dealt with the raw poetic anger of Jude against the false teachers in the early church.

His big weapon seems to be final judgment and a hope that they will not lure too many Christians into their traps. I have to admit his teaching is so out of character with Paul that it jars me. I wonder if the problems with identifying the issues involved, the nature of the intrusions into the church, and the vagueness of just exactly how the church was to deal with the false teachers all left me a bit confused. How do you snatch someone from the fire? How do you hate the garment defiled by the flesh?

I rest in the comfort of the protection promised by God the overcomer to believers.

Another beautiful week ahead. A lovely day with the Mother of my children and the mother of my grandchildren.

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