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Thursday, May 14, 2015

Bad Moon Rising

Thinking about the nature of God and the reality of evil this week. Reading and gathering ideas and realizing how much of our fears and anxieties since 9/11 which will soon be 15 years ago has affected the world. This ideology of Al Queda and Isis which takes life and justifies it according to the beliefs about the nature of Allah and his desire to cleanse the world of Jews and Christians and build an Islamic rules world is seriously dangerous thinking and acting and therefore the rest of the civilized world is reacting to it accordingly.

Meanwhile life goes on, including Throwback Thursday pictures. During my high school years in Jackson Ms my Dad became a traveling salesman driving this display truck of Todco Doors for truck trailers. I still remember the Sunday Morning when we took the truck to buy the Sunday paper and both forgot we were in the truck and Dad tried to drive into the carport and smacked the roof of the house pretty hard. No permanent damage but boy did we feel sheepishly silly.

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