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Saturday, May 16, 2015

A Rare May Downpour

Museums are a treasure that keeps on giving to future generations.

As we were exiting the theatre last evening it was raining and we had to park several hundred yards from the entrance. We got wet, and on the way home the heavens opened for what would be recorded as an inch and a half. Our streets were flooded.

The Women in Gold was such a treat of a true story that built upon last years Monuments Men by showing a wealthly Jewish Family in Austria being destroyed and looted by the Nazi's with the approval of most of Christian Austria at the time. The flashbacks were so realistic and the emotions gut wrenching as you could feel the evil disdain of the oncoming hordes of uniformed Nazi's taking over the city of Vienna and scarring it for generations later as one woman fought to take back what belonged to her heritage and family. I love movies that go home with me and wake up with me and linger into my thought life for ever.

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