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Thursday, April 23, 2015

What makes life sweet?

Life rituals. Five days a week our alarm sounds at 5:15 am and for a precious half hour we have a threesome with our kitty as he demands attention from each of us and we drink coffee and say what ever comes to mind. This morning I told her that Jordan Spieths caddy was a sixth grade teacher who is now quite well off since carrying a bag for a young golfer for two years.

Routines. Off to work, to do list, demands which increase toward Thursday and are put on hold for my day off, which has been Friday for a long time. Monday day offs never worked for me and were far to lonely. Long story, no time to go into it.

Reunions. Home to see the wife and Kitty, to talk about the day.

Friends. Allowing others to share your life and time, your meals and plans.

Family. You have a long history together, and are invested with memories.

Vacations. To plan for, dream about, and pull off with success.

Faith and practice and hope. Nothing works without them.

Duty. O duty, why dost thou not have the visage of a sweetie, or a cutie?
An old couplet by Nash which I have always loved. Yep, sometimes duty is tough, but when we do it we know we should have.

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