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Thursday, April 2, 2015

God is fond of yellow

Saw this at Leisure World yesterday. More brilliant than you see in the picture.

I try every year but I find early April to be a downer. For some reason when spring is springing and the heart should be light there always seems to be something about tax time that pulls me into a funk. I should be filled with Easter Joy but there is a lot going on that's tough.

My Romanian Friend pays 24 percent income tax and 17 percent consumer goods tax. God help those poor nations trying to rise up with that burden.

The desert is beautiful this time of year, our backyard palo verde is about to burst into yellow blossoms. I will find joy again.

On another note, facebook has been publishing old posts without permission, and a bunch of people thought I was in the hospital again from a post from last september. This is not cute facebook. Are you going to post an old one from my friend who died last month if they keep his page open for a few more months? That would be creepy?

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