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Monday, April 27, 2015

An Oops! Farewell to my beloved 17" Compaq

Matthew found my pipe about the same year I got into computers. The pipe smoking was never long lived, just a toy from my school days.

Phone rings while plugged to my backup digital drive. I get up with laptop and forget the short cord to the appliance, down it crashes and catches the corner of the screen....one dead screen and one dead computer. It was old and had some other wear and tear, but I kept it to watch pictures and do some odd work when wifey was using the Toshiba. Sad for me.

Now that we have projector teaching in both our Bible Study room and in our Sanctuary I am in need of a back up or primary machine to drive the projection system. Best Buy here I come.

I know in some future era people with laugh at the quaint way we handled information, but by golly I love what computers have done for my work and thought life. Losing an old workhorse is like losing a really good tool, you hate to replace it, and hope the new one works as well, but time marches on. I still have fond memories of my first local assembled IBM XT with no memory and one floppy drive. Bought it as a local store when computers first became affordable for me, ie. under $2000. That was 1983 and what fun we and her long line of replacements have enjoyed.

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