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Monday, April 13, 2015

Master's Memory

A younger version of us.

Golf has been a joy for me since I was given a rusty mismatched set of clubs by my Pastor at age 13. I would bang those balls all over my neighborhood, which thankfully had lots of open lots to keep me from breaking windows. My first golf heroes are all over 65 now. Watson, and Crenshaw and Kite.

I enjoyed when I move west 25 years ago the ascendence of a new wave of heroes like Michelson, Woods, and Ells.

Now we have a good young man, Spieth, to join other young golfers and carry the professional sport into the future. I am so glad he is not the product of a driven father creating a golf god, but of a normal sporting family. One with values and grandfathers.

It was a great day for the sport to see this young man win the Masters.

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